Margherita Schuller and her husband Michael began making garlic products in 1994.

Flavored garlic herbs and regular minced garlic makes a chef’s job easier by taking out one step of finding the right seasoning. Not only are the garlic products used in culinary recipes but have been used for herbal and medicinal purposes. Through the centuries, garlic has been used for coughs and colds, to lower blood pressure and for a variety of infections and digestive disorders.

Diva Farms garlic spread makes appetizers easy with its base of high-quality margarine combined with pure Italian Romano Cheese, parsley, and garlic. The Garlic Spread can be used on crackers, crustinis or added to any dish to enhance the flavor.

With the vision of bringing high quality, healthy garlic products to both the consumer and commercial markets. Our main goal is to ensure the quality of our products while keeping them at affordable and competitive prices.

With offices and processing facilities in Utica, NY we are always striving to bring you the best. We sell and deliver our products across the United States and abroad.

Garlic on white background